“The tragedy of life is not found in failure but complacency. Not in you doing too much, but doing too little. Not in you living above your means, but below your capacity. It’s not failure but aiming too low, that is life’s greatest tragedy.”
Benjamin E. Mays

The most successful people today are those who are continually investing in learning and expanding their intellectual asset base. They
are wide open to new ideas and new approaches. A major mistake
made by many people, especially those who have graduated from a
university, is that they conclude that everything they know at the moment is all that there is to know about a particular subject.
Sometimes they think that what they know is all they need to know
about a subject as well.

This is called the “intelligence trap” of the poor performer, the unconscious incompetent. This is a person who does not know, and does not know that he does not know. This person cannot be
helped, because he is closed to new information. This is why the beginning of all wisdom is often the awareness of how ignorant you really are, of how little you really know.

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