You have three ways of learning: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. You can learn by listening, learn by seeing, or learn by feeling and movement. Each person uses all three modalities to learn, but each person also has what is called a preferred learning style.

The Visual Learner
Visuals like to see things clearly in front of them. They process information with their eyes. They have acute senses of sight and like to meet friends and business associates personally. If you give them verbal information on business results, they will ask, “Do you have that in writing?”
They are avid readers. When you quote a book or a magazine, they will want to get a hard copy to read personally. They like to take photographs, and like to see things rather than to talk about them. Visuals represent about 50 percent of the population.

The Auditory Learner
An auditory learner likes to listen to others, to educational audio programs, audio books, music, lectures, speeches, and seminars. They are active conversationalists and prefer to have new ideas and concepts explained to them. If you hand them a written report, they will glance at it and ask, “What does it say?” Auditories say things like, “That sounds good to me,” and “I hear what you’re saying,” or “That doesn’t sound right.” They are also sensitive to music, and enjoy high-quality stereo equipment, concerts, CDs, and other sound reproductions. Auditories represent about 40 percent of the population.

Learning by Doing
The third preferred learning style is kinesthetic, or learning by doing and touching. Kinesthetics have a hard time just sitting around. They want to be active, to try things out, often ignoring the written instructions (visual) or verbal instructions (auditory).
You find kinesthetics in any type of work that requires manual dexterity, such as carpentry, mechanics, construction, and even driving trucks or cars. Athletes are kinesthetics as well.

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