Stay Focused on Your Core Genius

Success follows doing what you want to do. There is no other way to be successful.

I believe you have inside you a core genius—some one thing that you love to do and do so well that you hardly feel like charging people for it. It’s effortless for you and a whole lot of fun. And if you could make money doing it, you’d make it your lifetime’s work.
Successful people believe this, too. That’s why they put their core genius first. They focus on it and delegate everything else to other people on their team.
Compare that to the other people in the world who go through life doing everything, even those
tasks they’re bad at or that could be done more cheaply, better, and faster by someone else. They can’t find the time to focus on their core genius because they fail to delegate even the most menial of tasks.
When you delegate the grunt work—the things you hate doing or those tasks that are so painful, you
end up putting them off—you get to concentrate on what you love to do. You free up your time so that
you can be more productive. And you get to enjoy life more.
So why is delegating routine tasks and unwanted projects so difficult for most people?
Surprisingly, most people are afraid of looking wasteful or being judged as being above everyone else. They are afraid to give up control or reluctant to spend the money to pay for help. Deep down, most people simply don’t want to let go.
Others—potentially you—have simply fallen into the habit of doing everything themselves. “It’s too time consuming to explain it to someone,” you say. “I can do it more quickly and better myself anyway.” But can you?

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